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Various Act 2008 Set up Questions

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Various Act 2008 Set up Questions

My head is splitting with all these features (I am sure no doubt that we do not need them all):


Quick summary of database: Wholesale company. Three types of users (SALES, ADMINISTRATIVE, ADMIN (me) )

1. The Administrative assistants do not need a dashboard. They just simply enter contacts, use forms on occasion. However, when I remove the "dashboard from the nav bar it removes it from everyone's nav bar. What is that?


2. Some of the stuff for act seems redundant. For example, What's the difference between "Teams" and "Groups" (I have my employees in groups like "Sales, Administrative, Marketing" but I also have them in the same labeled teams.  Another confusion is. Why have Company's whne in the Contact I can have "secondary contacts"



So, far, I have just added my employees to act. I have yet to transfer over our 2000+ contact list. I want to make sure I get access levels and stuff right before doing that. So, I may have plenty of questions. I hope someone out here is patient enough to lend this Act! newbie a hand.




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Re: Various Act 2008 Set up Questions

It sounds like your users are sharing a computer.  These preferences are Windows login specific.  So if two users are using the same Windows profile, these changes will carry over.


A team is for organizing your users within the database.  With teams, you can grant access to contact, group, and company records to several users at once (members of the team).


A group is a collection of contacts with something in common, such as all contacts who work on a particular project.


A company record lets you track contacts associated with a company. In ACT!, a company record is similar to a group, but with extra functionality. 


The secondary contacts tab contains fields for the names and phone numbers of contacts associated with the contact. For example, you may want to add the name and phone number of the contact's assistant, manager, or partner as a secondary contact.


I would suggest that you take a look at the ACT! Knowledgebase as well as the Help Topics located in the Help menu to familiarize yourself with ACT! 2008.

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Re: Various Act 2008 Set up Questions

Sorry for the confusion.

My users are NOT sharing a computer.

I must say, the "secondary contacts" and seperate contacts is confusing in ACT! (and I'm not the only person who has had this confusion). 

However, thank you for your reply.