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VPN Act 8 Premium remote database snch dropout

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VPN Act 8 Premium remote database snch dropout

My daughter has a VPN via my professional Sonic Wall Router (with static IP), and the VPN works great. She has a remote database, and ACT Edge support got sync working... almost. The sync window runs, everything looks fine, then after about 10 minutes, the VPN drops out and sync stops. The only time the VPN drops out is when trying to sync. There appears to be some sort of conflict between the router and ACT or issue in ACT. I heard others have issues synching remote databases on ACT 8 Premium also. Any ideas how to fix this?
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Re: VPN Act 8 Premium remote database snch dropout

While syncing through a VPN is a supported environment, its not recommended as it will slow the process and result in issues you're experiencing.  There are a couple alternative options available - Internet Sync or Network Sync over Internet.


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