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V20 web vs desk thoughts?

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V20 web vs desk thoughts?

Using Microsoft 365 trying to decide for a single license which is better desk vs web. My current version is ancient so I need to upgrade.

Lee Ann
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Re: V20 web vs desk thoughts?

That depends on some things that help you make the decision...



Office 365

Only locally installed versions of Office 365 are supported. The Office 365 web version is not supported. Act! Premium v18 and later users with an active subscription can utilize the Act! Premium Contact Link with Office 365 2013 and later. For more information, refer to the articles below:


Frequently Asked Questions about the Act! Premium Contact Link  -


What is the difference between the Act! Premium Contact Link and the Act! Outlook Integration? --


Act! Premium CLOUD

Act! Premium Cloud is a good alternative for those who need information online, can work from the WEB browser on your computer, or from the WEB browser of your mobile phone - but the performance depends on the internet connection


With Act! Premium Cloud, You can create, download and use a remote database that synchronizes with the Swiftpage server over the Internet, so you can have your database locally and can be consulted using the WEB browser of your computer and mobile device.


Act! Premium Clud is a subscription that includes support and updates, this has a monthly value per user, but the full year is invoiced, each year you must pay for the renewal of the subscription


With Act! Premium CLOUD - If your computer or hard drive is damaged, your information will be safe


Act! Premium Windows

Act! Premium Windows is a good alternative for those who want have the information on their local computer, and can make a more efficient integration with Microsoft Office - I suggest that  install Office at 32 bit to avoid problems of integration of the database with Outlook.




I suggest to have written note in a safe place of the user and password (Of the user Administrator of the database). Some people configure their login to remember the password, but they forget it over time. --  If this is the case, change the password and make a note in a safe place before starting the upgrade process.


I'm not an expert, but these are some ideas.


Best regards and Good Luck





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Re: V20 web vs desk thoughts?

Thanks Juan!
Lee Ann
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Re: V20 web vs desk thoughts?

If you are a single user on a laptop then I would suggest the best solution is still an installed version of ACT as you will always have your information with you and not be dependant on having an internet connection which you need for the web version.


It you only have a PC and need access to your database when away from the office then the WEB version may be the answer.


WEB is a brilliant solution for multiple users where internet connectivity is not a problem as users do not need a full client installation of ACT on their machines but it does have some restrictions.


For meaningful  integration with Outlook you need an installed version of Outlook.


Just my opinion and I am sure others will comment.