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V19 issues?

Copper Elite Contributor
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V19 issues?

Today I've received notification that v19 is available. Does the lack of activity on the forum apart from the MS Office 64 bit integration suggest it is issue free? PLease keep users informed of any bugs or snafus

Stephen Buckland
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Re: V19 issues?

Hi Stephen,

We were aware of some known issues on launch, but these have been addressed in subsequent updates. Please make sure you update to the most recent version available.

You can find a list of issues resolved in these updates here:
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Re: V19 issues?

Hi Gary: 


There are MAJOR issues with ACT V19 and apparently "a LOT of users are experiencing the same problem"


Gary ... you may want to ask your support team in India for an update on all issues:


#1 - Tech support is unable to connect V19 users to Outlook using ACT Connect


#2 - Tech support is unable to connect V19 users to the ACT Companion link


#3 - Tech support is telling users to:  "Have your IT person open Port 22.  If you do not have an IT person, you will have to hire one to do it for you because this is not something that we do".


SEE THE ATTACHED PIC - it is a copy of the email I received from on of the Tech Reps.


ACT Tech support is NOT fixing the problem on users computers - they are saying "we don't provide network configuration settings"


I am using ACT Premium V19 - installed on my computer (not hosted)


If there is a way to downgrade to V18 .... I would love to know.


How ironic that I get ACT to save me time and money ..... but it's COSTING ME TIME AND MONEY


How ironic that SWIFTPAGE provides a software for CONTACT MANAGEMENT but Swiftpage does not properly communicate with it's customers

- E.g. - Send all users an email of known issues that are being worked on ...... OR ....

- E.g. - Create a webpage of known issues that are being worked on

- E.g. - APOLOGIZE for the time wasted.


I've been soooooo frustrated and upset with ACT ... I'll be speaking to a rep again tomorrow, I'm truly hoping that a solution can be found.


Gary ... it would appear that YOU are also "out of the loop".







Posts: 4,041
Country: United_Kingdom

Re: V19 issues?

Hi Charlene,


I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot and address these issues you describe.


We have recently been experiencing some server connectivity issues with Act! Connect Link over the past couple of days, so these issues may stem from this complication which has now been resolved.


Regarding your issues connecting Act! to Outlook, you mention that you're using Act! Connect Link to do this, so I assume you are trying to set up Act! Premium Contact Link. We have a Knowledgebase article on the setup procedure for this:


For your scenario, please follow the steps below to ensure the connection will be set up correctly:


  1. Open the Act! Connect Link application from your Windows Start menu
  2. In the Home tab, ensure the version is 1.1.9 or above
    • If you are running an older version of Act! Connect Link, please uninstall the application using the steps in this article, and download the latest version from the link above.
  3. In the Manage tab, the screen should look like the screenshot below. If it does not, then please follow the uninstallation steps linked above and reinstall the application. 
  4. Copy the URL next to Endpoint
  5. After adding the Act! Premium Contact Link app to Outlook, open the addin to be prompted to enter your User Name, Password, Database Name and Web Server.
  6. Enter the relevant information related to the Act! database you wish to link, and in the Web Server field, enter the URL you copied in step 4, then at the end of the URL, type /act.web.api
    • The full URL in the Act! Premium Contact Link Web Server field should look similar to this:
  7. Click Submit and the application will connect.


When setting up the Act! Companion App, please follow the same steps as above, and enter the same details and URL into the App login screen.


In regards to our Support Technicians providing assistance with network setup on your own network infrastructure, unfortunately this is outside the scope of our support services. We are not able to provide this level of support when it comes to configuring routers and firewalls due to wide variety of different configurations and the great importance these configurations have on your business operations. This is something that only someone who is intimately familiar with the configuration should attempt to change.


I do apologise for the inconvenience you've been though, and I'm confident we will be able to get you up and running again with Act! v19.