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Using Opportunities as a workshop/service tracking utility - help

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Using Opportunities as a workshop/service tracking utility - help


Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version - Multiple users, some remote and on the road - sync up periodically.


Our company:

Services electronic devices. People send them in to our workshop, we fix/ calibrate etc and send them back.


Our ACT setup:

Groups has been set up as the clients devices. Anyone who sends in a device, that device gets added into "groups" so we can track history and the client gets added into "Contacts". If you look up any item in the "Groups" you will see who it belongs too "Contact"


Oppotunities setup:

An item comes in. We find it in "Groups" and select "New oppotunity" and then select our configured process "Workshop" which has multiple stages (New job, Waiting Quote, Complete etc) - works great.



I would like to add 2 functionalies which i can't work out.


1. Unique tracking number (auto assigned number) automatically generated and added into the "Oppotunity Name" when the oppotunity is created.


2. On the oppotunity list, once the oppotunity is created, the contact for that device(group) is blank. It only displays the contact if i manually add it. I want the contact in the oppotunity to be linked to the contact for that group item. In summary i want to lookup the group, find my device, click new oppotunity and have it display the group item and the contact information. Is this possible?



Any help greatly appreciated.









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Re: Using Opportunities as a workshop/service tracking utility - help

For your first item, there are addons that would provide that capability. Check

For you second item, I don't of any existing addon that would provide that capability.

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