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Using Email Templates in Groups

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Using Email Templates in Groups

Details: Act Premium V. Update 7, on a shared database. 

Using: Office and Outlook 2013 and Windows 7.




I have a few issues and questions, we have just started using ACT for our business and I am trying to work out how to do a few things. One of my monthly tasks is to send an email to a group of contacts. I have set up a group and entered all of the contacts that I need for a given month. I have created a template and inserted the correct fields for the email so the right information goes into the email depending on who the contact is. 


However, I have run into the following problems, I would like to be able to overlook the email in outlook before it sends to the contact. Similarly, to how it views when you just click on one contact within the group - the email with the correct template will open in Outlook and then I can send it on from there. Is there a setting I can change where when selecting multiple contacts within the group the emails DO NOT send automatically? I need this because I need to be able to add an attachment to each contact but the attachment is personalised so cannot just be added in as a group attachment like you can if you use the email mail merge.


Secondly, I have had a look through this forum already but cannot see a recent answer so just wondering if it might have changed. But, is there a way to add a subject to a template? OR is it still relevant to add in the recommended add on?


Thanks in advance,





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Re: Using Email Templates in Groups

Hi Sophie,

you cannot add a subject to a template but you can enter a subject for the Mail you are sending through a template or put it in the filename. In order to prevent the E-Mails from being sent automatically you must tell Outlook to do so because by default it sends them right away. File - Options - extended - sending & receiving --> only leave either of the first rows checked where it says F9 and test with only one dummy E-Mail.
Jan Teske
jbt consulting