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Using Act! with Parallels on a Mac

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Using Act! with Parallels on a Mac

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I am running Act! Premium V16 with Parallels 9 (both of these programs are the latest versions) on a brand new MacBook Pro.  All other Windows apps so far seem to be looking good, but Act! looks horrible.  Text is the wrong size, fields the wrong size, sizes and scaling of Menus along the top and in the middle the screen in a typical layout are completely off.  


I've called Parallels and was told they use generic drivers and that perhaps this program, Act!, uses specific video drivers.  I was told if I could find out what video driver requirements Act! has, that maybe Parallels may have a way to explore the issue.  


Will you please let me know what specific video drivers are needed to run Act! and have it look normal?  Also, is running Act! in Parallels even something that is possible for one to have  a good experience with... Or is this issue only the beginning of a long winding road of complications in your opinion?


Any thoughts, ideas, solutions?


Thanks for your help!


(BTW - I have also reinstalled Act! but that has made no difference with the video issue.)



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Re: Using Act! with Parallels on a Mac

display resolution - I'm no expert, but this is an idea




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Re: Using Act! with Parallels on a Mac

having success using VM fusion Pro, (thanks to the folks as ASDS for the recommendation)  working great.  Couldn't get Parallels to work at all