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Using ACT! to track a marketing campaign

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Using ACT! to track a marketing campaign

Is it possible to use ACT! to track a direct mail campaign? For example, I would like to send a mailer to a group of contacts. I would like to be able to easily pull a list of who the mailer went to, who responded to the mailer, who had a follow up, who made a purchase, and so on down the line. Is there a way to do this without using the Notes section? I've also read about creating a new Group for each step of the campaign, but is there another way?
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Re: Using ACT! to track a marketing campaign

I agree that it would be hard to track the results if you used History. If it's a one time campaign then you could add a few fields to the contact table to track the results. However if you anticipate doing more than one campaign over time you would need something extra to track the campaigns and that would likely be using a custom table.


I do something like that for the annual dues for our homeowners association. I've added the main tracking fields for one year to the contact table and modified the layout to show those fields. Then once a year I copy the years dues record fields to a custom table and setup the fields in the contact table for the next years dues.

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