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Using ACT! for Web from a Mac?

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Using ACT! for Web from a Mac?

Is anyone out there accessing an ACT! for Web account using a Mac? Can they tell me how?!!


I've found it to be virtually unusable from a Mac. Lots of components simply don't work, so it's impossible to get anything done. (I'm using Safari v4, Mac OSX 10.5.7).





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Re: Using ACT! for Web from a Mac?

Hello Peter,


Could you please provide more information regarding the issues you're experiencing?


Safari is only compatible with ACT! Premium for Web 2009. The following features of ACT! Premium for Web 2009 are NOT supported with the Safari web browser:
    * Outlook® integration
    * ACT! Word Processor functionality
    * Mail Merge functionality

How To Configure Safari® to Access ACT! by Sage Premium for Web 2009 (11.0)

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Re: Using ACT! for Web from a Mac?

I have the same issue with Safari v4.0.3 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my 2 Macs. ACT 2010 for web seems to work okay but then quits suddenly when accessing certain functions like lookups, editing groups, deleting or adding contacts. It's consistently random, if that makes sense.


Since I also run WinXP Pro on my Macs using VMWare Fusion 2, I installed Safari for Windows  on my virtual machine. I experience similar problems on the Windows version of Safari, therefore, I use IE8 to access ACT 2010 for Web like before. I also get scripting errors using Safari for Windows.


I would really like to be access ACT using Safari in my Mac to avoid having to boot up a VMWare, but with the issues, I agree with previous posters I cannot.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Bud James