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Users of single Parent DB visible to all

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Users of single Parent DB visible to all

I have been setting up about 200 users in ACT! from all over the world.  The one thing that I noticed is that all users in the main database are visible to everyone that I set up. 


Let me elaborate; there are users from Mexico and India, and as of now they can see each other (users, not contacts), and I was wondering if anyone else has a possible solution so that I can make only the users from Mexico see only Mexico users, the users from India can only see India users, etc. 


I have deployed ACT! to about 12 countries and just by adding them, it made the contact list 200 bigger.  We can not change a users contact info to "limited access", so if anyone knows of a way to minimize or change it so that users from a country can only see the other users from that counrty, and not every user that I have set up in the parent database.


I know I can create separate databases for each country, but that would not be beneficial for overall Regional reporting that my superiors have requested.

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Re: Users of single Parent DB visible to all

Unfortunately this is not possible in ACT! as you have found. I have put the suggestion to Sage that they change this ever since the release of version 2005 but the problem remains. It severly limits ACT! as a potentila product for franchise organisations. I have had to suggest other products to my customers and Sage misses out on the sale.  

Graeme Leo
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