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User Dashboard

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User Dashboard

As an Administrator, I am creating a Dashboard. How can I customize the Dashboard so that:


1) Each user can only see their own Dashboard. Currently you have to go into your dashboard, click Filter, and choose your Username

2) Administrators can see All Users Dashboard


I was told that having access to only your own Dashboard is not an option, but this doesn't seem right. Each users information is highly confidential so I do not want them to have access to other Users data. Currently, the Dashboard information is available to all the users. How can I set the Dashboard to "Private" or "limited Access" so that each User only has access to their own dashboard (except for the Administrator). Please help!


Thank you



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Re: User Dashboard

Hi Portia,

Dashboard components can be edited to set the default filtering behaviour. This would allow you to create a dashboard for each individual user for easy access to their own filters, although this does not remove the filtering options which can be easily changed to see info from any or all other users they have access to.

You mention that each of your Act! users data is highly confidential. As you clearly don't want any standard users to see any other users info (i.e activities, histories, notes, opportunities etc), how are you currently limiting this access?
Any record marked as Private, or contacts that have been set up with Limited Access will not be included in dashboards when viewed by a user without the appropriate permissions.