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Maybe someone here can help me out. I have called into support 3x now and the results have been less than favorable.


We need to upgrade 35 users to ACT 2009 from Act 2005. I have a list of serial numbers used for each person's install. Is this all I need to prove we own the product? Also is upgrading from Act 2005 to 2009 a valid path?

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Re: Upgrading

With that number of upgrades, you should be talking to ACT! Corporate sales or an ACT! Certified Consultant. One advantage is that you would than hove only one serial number instead of a list of numbers. The price for the upgrade through an ACC would be no higher than through corporate sales and the ACC would be in a position to provide additional services should they be required.
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Re: Upgrading


Yes, all you need are your serial numbers, but please go through ACT! Corporate Sales as Roy is absolutely correct!  You get ONE serial number instead of a list of them.  Also, talking to an ACC may be a good idea so you can get on the correct Edition of the software for your needs:  Does all the data for all 35 usrs reside in one location?  mixed synch and LAN users? Over 100K contacts? You may need to upgrade to the ST Edition, etc.


Plus, an ACT! Certified Consultant may be able to beat the pricing from ACT! Corporate Sales.  As ACCs we are given discounts and most of us pass that discount on to our clients. 


This is espcially good time to upgrade, Sage has extended their EOY promotion through the end of January.


Any ACC at's Consultant list or their VAR Listing can get you pricing.


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Ginger Ney
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