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Upgrading to ACT! 2011 and migrating to a new server

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Upgrading to ACT! 2011 and migrating to a new server

I'm planning to upgrade our ACT! 2010 Premium install to ACT! 2011 for the Office 2010 support.  Additionally, since ACT! has been upgraded multiple times on the current server and that server is fairly old, I'd like to migrate to a new server at the same time. 


Most information I've found seems to indicate that this is as easy as installing ACT! 2011 clean on the new server and either doing a backup/restore of the DB or detach/attach of the DB.  The named instance of SQL Server will change (I currently have an instance SERVERNAME\ACT7) and I'd assume that the change of servername/instance would affect the clients.  But, I'm not sure if that means that when I upgrade the clients, connecting to the new DB/Server is simply part of the upgrade itself or if I'd have to go in and manually muck with something because it had saved off the old servername.


If anyone has done this and/or has a checklist or some step by step instructions, I'd appreciate it.