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Upgrade to Sage Act 2011 Database Problem !! Please Help!!

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Upgrade to Sage Act 2011 Database Problem !! Please Help!!



I have tried to upgrade from Sage Act Premium 2010 -> 2011. The install worked fine but when it comes to upgrading the db it falls over. I've not had much luck with support and they have said that I need to send the db to the states but am awaiting. The error seems to be in "Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'TBL_SYSCOLUMN_AK2'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.TBL_SYSCOLUMN'.
The statement has been terminated.


None of the actdiag picks this up etc. Any help on this would be ap[preciated.


I hope my 2011 is better then its start!


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Re: Upgrade to Sage Act 2011 Database Problem !! Please Help!!

Hello ActUser69,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


I'm unable to determine what was done with your support call, so these may be duplicate steps:

- determine if the program is installed correctly by creating a new database (file > new database).  If there is an issue with the SQL install it will not be able to create a new database.


- if you have a Vista or Windows 7 operating system: have you tried running the Act! program 'As Administrator'?  To do this: close Act! > right click on Act! icon > select 'Run As Administrator' > test upgrade.


The next steps for troubleshooting would require a 2nd computer (to prevent having to uninstall/reinstall 2010 and 2011):

- in Act! 2010 > create an empty copy of the database and attempt a conversion of the empty copy.  If it will convert, it indicates that the issue is with the data.  If it won't convert, there is an issue with the format of the database.

- if the issue was with the data, in 2010 you could then import your data from the original database into the empty copy and it may correct the problem.

- if the issue is with the format, in 2010 you would need to create a new database (file > new) > add customization such as added fields > then import the original database into the new database.


So, it may just be easier/quicker to contact the Database Services group for assistance.  Information for contacting DB Services: Database Services


Greg Martin