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Upgarding act

Copper Contributor
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Upgarding act

Hi there,


I am on Act! Premium Version


Can someone tell me where to download this?




any issues i should be aware of, is it stable?


Thanks for you help!!

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Upgarding act

If only you have Act! installed, you can Update or Upgrade to the version you want.


If your computer is part of a network with more users Act! - all must have the same version as the server.


About version 18 Premium, the latest version is V18.2 Update 6

The link for downloading the V18 Premium latest version with the service pack included is CLICK HERE


Commercially speaking - the latest version released by Swiftpage is the Premium V20.1 Update 6 - But this Upgrade has an additional cost.


The best would then be to receive suggestions directly from the commercial department

Sales and Support phone:   866-873-2006


Best regards,



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Re: Upgarding act

Thank you Juan,


After reading my original post which I wrote in a hurry and I left out some information.

I do a have an up-to-date subscription and will be upgrading to 20.1 this weekend.

With your help I did find the download for the most recent version.

It looks like the full download is the 20.1 version.!-premium-v20

& then I will install an update 6.


Thank you so much for you time.



Bronze Elite Contributor
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Re: Upgarding act

Joseph - You shouldn't need to manually install UD6, it should get installed automatically slip-streamed by Act! during your install.



David Shaw
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Country: United States

Re: Upgarding act

Thank you all!!


installations Successful without a hitch.