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Updating multiple contacts via Excel import

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Updating multiple contacts via Excel import

I have a large spreadsheet (which was exported from ACT and updated).  I now need to update the contacts in ACT using the data in the spreadsheet without creating duplicate contacts.  I'm sure there is a way to do this but I have been looking online for ages and can't find anything to help me!  Please help! 
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Re: Updating multiple contacts via Excel import

If you want to update data that's already in contact fields, you need to use an add-on such as itImport
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Re: Updating multiple contacts via Excel import

Another good addon for that is Oakmerge.
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Re: Updating multiple contacts via Excel import

I've used since I bought in 2006 and current version works on my Windows 7 64 bit mode PC.

When I found a bug or two they fixed it, nice they control the program not out sourced, and when there was big updates with ACT!9-11 and 10-12 their upgrade cost me only $50 each time.

I asked if they would include merge History and Notes, but no plans on doing it, which the Oak or itImport higher end more expensive versions cover.


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Re: Updating multiple contacts via Excel import

As the others have mentioned, ACT! won't "clobber" existing data when you do an import - it will only merge data into a field if it's empty for that contact.


Since you mentioned that your challenge is bringing the data in from ACT! without creating duplicates, you'd have to decide on which fields you can rely on to get accurate matches bringing the data back in.


There's a KB article on importing data from a text delimited file, which is what you'll need to save your Excel data as in order to bring it into ACT!  It has a section on setting the Duplicate Matching Criteria.


Also, I realize it may be a little late because you've updated your data in Excel already, but I have a little tool that will take the Unique ID for the contact and copy it to the "User 10" field in your database.  You just unzip the file, put it in the Plugins folder, and then when you restart ACT! you'll have it as an option on the tools menu.  What is significant about having the Unique ID available for you to include in your export is that it will allow you to use that as your match criteria when doing the import and make it pretty much impossible to create duplicates. 

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