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Updating ACT! 2007 Premium ST Advice

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Updating ACT! 2007 Premium ST Advice

I have been receiving errors that I can create a remote database or copy a current one. Once I had tech support look at my machine and databases, they told me that my databases had been updated while my version is still the basic version. I have a server that I create my databases on, a separate drive that I house my databases, and then 30 workstations that access these databases. I know i have to upgrade all of my stations so I can regain my functionality.


My questions are:


1) What is the best way to do this? Do I upgrade the server copy, upgrade the workstations, and then when the users access the databases on the workstations they will upgrade to the same version?


2) What caused this? Did one of my users upgrade and touched the databases causing them to upgrade without me?


3) By simply going to help, act upgrade, will I be upgraded to the newest version of ACT! 2007? (if I have to upgrade, I want to go all the way).


4) How can I tell in the ACT! diag that the databases match the version of ACT! I currently have (is there a table somewhere?)


I appreciate anyones advice on this because my biggest fear is that my users will not be able to access the databases that they need to get to.

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Re: Updating ACT! 2007 Premium ST Advice

1. Update the server, LAN systems and all remotes to 9.0.1 + Hotfix3

2. Quite possible

3. You can download the current patch from then the Hotfix from this ACT! Knowledge Base article -

4. In ACT! - Help | About | Database information, you can see the Schema version of the database