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Update in Contacts and Companies

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Update in Contacts and Companies

I have ACT2011 Premiumlatest update/HFix / Win7Ult  and I have a question:


If I update/change a field via Edit/Replace for all contacts,the new value is NOT updated in Company,although

same fieldname in company and even linked Contact field with same Company field.


Also, if  I  update a Company  field  via Edit/Replacein Company  then  the same Contact

field is NOT updated.

Now I have to do an update/change twice.


Is this normal ? or am I making mistake ?




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Posts: 56
Country: Netherlands

Re: Update in Contacts and Companies

Can somebody give me a solution ??




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Re: Update in Contacts and Companies

If I understand your issue correctly then ACT is working as designed. The linked fields in the Company and Contact entities only push the data from Company to Contact when the appropriate menu command is clicked. Otherwise they are separate fields in separate entities.

Bob Kennedy
Kenbar Solutions CT,CA & FL
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Re: Update in Contacts and Companies

Updating linked fields is a one-way operation - it only updates Contact fields when changes are made to the Company fields, assuming those fields are linked.  You can't expect editting Contact data to update linked fields in the Company table, except in the case when you are creating a new Company, using <Create Company from Contact>.  After you edit Company data fields (eg updating address information) and hit save (or move to a new record), ACT will ask if you want to update linked contacts - to which the answer is yes.


Guessing now (I've never tried this):  Probably, when you use Search and Replace on Company table fields (not sure when you would be doing this), the operation doesn't automatically invoke the 'Update linked contacts' action.  So you would need to work through each Company - in the Company view - and invoke the dropdown Companies/<Updated Linked Fields>.


Obviously, updating linked Contact table fields in addition to the associated Company fields is fraught with danger through typos but, worst than that, any changes you make at Contact level will be overwritten the next time you edit Company data and agree to updating the linked fields.