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Unusual Suplimental Files issue???

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Unusual Suplimental Files issue???

Client has a shared database on their server.  The pad adf and alf files are in a shared folder as it a folder named <database name>-Database Files.  All but one user are able to open the database without issues.  The user in question can login to the database but recieves an error 


error occurred after logon in synchronization manager: Error reading the <path to the queries folder>


This is followed by a series of errors each indicating the inability to locate various layout files and finally the layout folder itself.


NOW.. here's the wierdness (to me anyway) When you navigate to the database folder and open the suplemental files folder there are no folders there.  Obviously they are somewhere as all the other users are working fine.  


I deleted preferences (just a whim) to no avail.


I have confirmed the location of the database on other machines and it is the same (not a mapped drive, but UNC)


So  How does one put the suplemental files folder in a location other than the database folder?  And how does one tell a workstation to look there?




Scott Holmes

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Re: Unusual Suplimental Files issue???

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Hey Scott,

Try disabling sync?

This should get you pointed in the right direction? Hope it helps.


This also

related kb article Error: "Cannot find database supplemental files folders." or "The database is not shared."

Cheers - FSB Smiley Happy

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Re: Unusual Suplimental Files issue???

Hi Sott,


we did see exactly the same issue last week at a customer, the reason for this was based on different time, one client did have a different time (-35 min) as the server, then you face a kerberos error (only shown in the logfiles of the server) . the root for this problem was, not using a NTP server and having the envoirment virtualised, (as vmware is sharing time-slots, it can happen on a busy vmware host, that the time is slower (or faster) on a vm, as on others) 


we did then enable NTP on the VMWARE server & on the DC and enabled the feature in the policy that all connected have to update time from the DC every hour. since then we did not face this error again.




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