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Universal Search

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Universal Search

Last night I upgraded from Act Premium 2011 to 2012.  The upgrade went smoothly and everything appeared to be working when it completed.  However when I came in to the office this morning my users reported slow performance and frequent freezes of Act on their workstations.


I looked at the ACT server and noticed space had run out on the hard drive, eventhough 20GB had been free before the upgrade.  I freed up more space thinking that would correct the issue, but it did not.  I then talked with an ACT technician and together we learned about the new Universal Search builtin to Act which runs in the background, takes up 20-25% CPU usage and eventualy all the memory available on the server, which leads to the freezes and poor performance on the user end.  Once this process was killed (Act.Server.Host.exe) system performance improved to normal conditions prior to the upgrade.


Is this normal?  Will performance improve once the entire database+attachments are indexed?  Our database with attachments is around 40GB.  Plus Universal Search also seems to take up a vast amount of space, probably close to the same size as the database and attachments.  That's a lot of space to allocate and I believe is the reason I ran out of hard disk space.


Is Universal Search necessary?  Can it be disabled?  If it's disabled will the space it took up to index everything be freed up again.  I did notice the process (Act.Server.Host.exe) is in Start --> Services.msc --> and found the service listed there as ACT! Service Host and the Startup Type can be changed from Automatic to Manual. 


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Re: Universal Search

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ACT! is building the indice file per default on the c drive (C:\Users\All Users\Act\ACT Data\Indices).

You can relocate this file on the server:


Here are the steps for moving the search indices.


1) Stop the search service.


2) Delete the Indices folder from the C drive.


3) Update the Act.Server.Host.exe.config (in program files/act) baseIndexFolder to point to the new target location. I'd suggest keeping all the search indices at the same directory level as the existing ACT! Databases and Documents folders.


(remove <!--) <configSections>

<sectionname="searchSettings"type="Act.Server.Search.SearchSettings, Act.Server.Search"/>


<searchSettings indexUpdateInterval="3"


baseIndexFolder="D:\Users\name\Documents\ACT\ACT Data\Indices"







usePositionalScoring="true"/> (remove -->)



4) Start the search service..


The search service will recognize that the indices need to be rebuilt. You can always delete the indices folder or any sub folder at any time. The search service will simply rebuild it.

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Re: Universal Search

i followed this exactly. The change was definitely saved, but the index files still are created on the c drive anyway. Any suggestions?

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