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Universal Search Indices

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Universal Search Indices

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I'm becoming a little frustrated with the Universal Search Indexing and wondering whether others have experienced similar issues, or developed some kind of workaround...?


(ACT! 2013 15.1 Prem on Std SQL 2008R2). Windows Server 2008R2.


The nature of the problem is that when Users peform 'Universal Searches', an 'Index' file is created at C:\ProgramData\ACT\ACT Data\Indices. These indices can grow to become significantly large...


Case in point: a large ACT! implementation (50 seat) where Universal Searches are being performed frequently by most users. Within a period of approximately 1 week, the Indices folder can grow from nothing to become >120 Gbyte.


I wondered whether something was broken - causing the indexes to grow incorrectly; but apparently it's standard behaviour. Even on my own laptop, I note that the indices folder has grown to take up 10Gbyte of HD space!


Oddly, the indexes dont seem to contribute much to the Database or performance and may be deleted without any (visible) negative impact (perhaps they were intended to accelerate future Universal Searches with similar parameters to previous ones? In my view, not a particularly valuable return at the expense of huge swathes of Hard Disk space!)


KBA 28454 explains how you can modify the Act.Server.Host.exe.config file to relocate the Indices folder (perhaps on a larger data drive rather than on the 'C' drive), but I want to somehow throttle their growth, cap their size or automatically flush them (maybe even delete them each evening with a batch file or something?).


I'd love to hear if anyone has found a resolution for this.







Will Ingleby
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Re: Universal Search Indices

Hi Will, 


I've seen the same thing and I know Jeff Grainger has had some big problems in this area. 


I for one would like to see options to a) turn it off and b) not to index attachments - these options mainly to ensure that large index files are not created. 


If there is some other way to keep the functionality - but not get the problem of large chucks of server space disappearing - that would be ideal.



Trevor Lever

UK - ACT Certified Consultant