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Unable to setup Outlook Email in ACT! (plus a question about iPhone App)

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Unable to setup Outlook Email in ACT! (plus a question about iPhone App)

Good morning, 


Sage ACT! Premium 2013 Version 15.0.301.0

Microsoft Office Standard 2013

DB is on a server

Windows 7 Professional


I'm currently using ACT! Premium and the system described above, and I'm unable to get Outlook Email to sync. Under Preferences -> Email & Outlook Sync, I simply don't have the option to begin the sync, and have been unable to figure out how to make that available.


I've successfully synchronized my Calender, but that didn't help.


Also, I'm interested in downloading the application for my iPhone and iPad, but haven't been able to find anything in app store. Can someone provide me with a direct link? 


Thanks in advance for any and all help.


-Chris J

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Re: Unable to setup Outlook Email in ACT! (plus a question about iPhone App)

[ Edited ]

This will occur if it is not detected that Office is installed. In your particular situation, it may not be detecting that Office is installed due due to the fact that Microsoft Office 2013 is not a supported version of Office for Sage ACT! 2013. You can try to use it, but there's no guarantee that it will work, or work consistently. If you are using any Office 365 components, this can also cause an inability to synchronize or integrate.  


In instances where a supported version of Office is used, things like this can occur if Office was not installed prior to Act! being installed, or if Office was installed using click-to-run. If these may be the case you can try to uninstall Office and install it using the full installer, then uninstall and reinstall Act!. Or if you simply installed office after Act! was there, uninstall and reinstall Act!.


If neither of those are the case, you can try the article below to try to get Act! to work with Outlook 2013:



As for downloading an app for your iPhone, there is not an app for this. Since you have premium, though, you have the ability to host your database as a website on your server and access this website using Safari on your iPhone. You would need Act! Premium (access va web) for this. 

Elise O.
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