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Unable to access databases

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Unable to access databases



I recently had a client drop his act issue into my lap.  He had an older version of Act (2005) and purchased the latest version.  We were also moving it from his very old server to his local desktop, as his company severly downsized in the last few years.


I followed the procedure in document


Upon trying to open the databases it getst to "working" and has been sitting at "working" for 2 days straight.  no errors or timeouts but it doesn't seem like it will ever go past this step.

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Re: Unable to access databases

There could be a variety of reasons why it's not upating.  One thing to try is to force ACT closed while it's trying to update the database.  Then go to the Program Files area and find ACT\ACTfor Windows and in that folder run Logviewer.  It will give you the last error and possibly point you in a direction.

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