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Two subjects

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Two subjects

I have Act! Pro 2013 and Peachtree Premium 2013 on a Windows XP machine. I have 4gb ram and a 1tb hdd etc my questions are:


#1 can these 2 programs be integrated so when I open ACT! I see all my current info from PT.? If so, how? If not what is my best solution for managing my data so I'm not doubling up any work?


#2 I was playing around getting used to ACT! (I just installed it) and I successfully imported a csv file but I can't find the data to use it! Any tps on where it may be. After importing I got a pop up that said 1685 files out of 1685 files imported sucessfully but I can not figure out where they went!! I closed the program, opened it, tried looking for a different database etc...


Thanks so much in advance for your help! I'm so glad I finally figured out how to find this area because the links I clicked on kept taking me in circles.

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Re: Two subjects

#1 - You may be able to use the following link to get your Peachtree database connected to your Act! database:


#2 - Did you import the csv into an empty database or an existing one? You can try to do a lookup based off of the field "Is Imported" or "Import Date" to see what all comes up. Is it possible that there were duplicates? I'd recommend checking your duplicate settings, and try a custom import to find where your fields are mapping to. For more detailed information see the following knowledgebase article:


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