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Two questions about making histories private

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Two questions about making histories private

I have a new client, which as it turns out, has had all its histories public for years, including for every sensitive position from the President on down. This is in an ACT! 2009 premium environment, where there is one shared database with approximately 250,000 records.


I have already decided to set their ACT! toolbars not to attach to history by default, and when they do, be private from here on out, but I still have the old histories to deal with. I have never been an ACT! user, and have only recently started to become familiar with the product on a very shallow level thus far. The problem and question I have is dealing with those existing histories.


Let me use the President as the primary example: I can go into his individual record, and set any histories there to private, which is pretty basic and straight forward. What I am not sure about is this: Let’s say he has edited and attached history to maybe 5000 other records, do all those histories all show within his own record’s history, or only in the history of each of the 5000 records? That leads me to the second question: If all the histories are spread out over 5000, or maybe the full 250,000 records, is there a way to make all previous records private for a user across all records, or do I have to go to every single record to accomplish that?


I could not find clear answers to these questions when searching, and I would greatly appreciate any insight. Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: Two questions about making histories private

There isn't a standard way to do this in ACT!.


We wrote a security Plugin for ACT! that a number of site use... it automatically marks certain items (past or new) as Private and will remark tham as Private even if a user attempts to make them as Public.


As different sites have asked for quite different rules on this, we haven't made it a commercial product, but can customise it to mark the specific items that you need. It can work on Activities, Sales Opportunities, Notes, Histories and Emails.