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Two Servers causing issues?

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Two Servers causing issues?

We recently purchased a new server and I moved ACT over to it.  It is faster and has more memory.  While doing so I upgraded to ACT 2012.  Then restored the ACT Backup on the new server.  I kept ACT on the old server because I use it as a terminal server. I also upgraded it to 2012.   Is there an issue having basically two servers in the same network?  I'm having a few random errors and I thought this may be the issue.

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Re: Two Servers causing issues?

Having the database on two systems, even servers by itself wouldn't be a problem. Licensing is by the named user so unless you're using the two databases for extra users that wouldn't be a problem.

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Re: Two Servers causing issues?

I'd make sure each user is opening the database on the new server.  Go to Help About, Database Information and confirm that the first entry - "Database Server Name" points to your new server.  Just to avoid such issues, I never leave the old database attached on the old server.

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Re: Two Servers causing issues?

Most of the answers I would have for you start with " it depends"


What type of errrors?

Any sync users?

How did you do the restore?

How do users access the ACT database?

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Re: Two Servers causing issues?

My maing problem is with Topline Dash.  Every time I open a report that I've built since the upgrade I get an error  "There was a problem connecting to the OLEDB engine.  Please rebuild the ACT! OLEDB engine and try again.".  I rebuilt the OLEDB.  Also, Topline works fine on local sample database.  I also get "Object Reference not set to an Instance of an Object" sometimes.


No sync users.


Restore As different name on new server.  No one goes to the old server.  I unmapped the drives.


All users open the database through a mapped network drive.