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Two Dialer Questions

Tuned Listener
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Two Dialer Questions

I have 2 questions about the dialer in Act!


First: I installed the trail version of Dial-it CRM, and decided I didnt want to purchase it. So, i uninstalled the program. BUT the button are still ontop of my toolbar, and anytime you click them, my Act! crashes. How do i get ride of these icons without reinstalling act onto my computer!?


Second: When i click on a phone number to dial in Act! dialer, it takes about 10-15 seconds before my phone actually makes the call. Is this some sort of setting/slow up that i came make it faster? The whole idea with the clikc-to-dial is to make things faster, and right now, its not. So hopefulyl somehow i can speed it up. When i dial strait outt windows dialer or another program i have called "phone assistant" it dials basically instantly. So i dont think its my hardware set up. that leads me to think its a software thing in act/windows dialer.



anyhelp would be great!



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Re: Two Dialer Questions

Try resetting your menus/toolbars to correct the first issue - Tools > Customize > Reset Menus and Toolbars.  


Did you ever test the ACT! dialer before installing the addon?  I'm wondering if there are left over plugins from the addon that could be causing the delay.  Go to C:\Program Files\ACT\ACT for Windows\Plugins and see if there are any dlls that are for the addon.