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Two Databases -- Help

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Two Databases -- Help

Hi everyone,


I currently work for a company that has two different divisions, each with their own ACT database.  One of the databases is saved on our servers C: drive while the other is saved on the servers E: drive.  Would it be wise to move the databases so that they reside in the same location? I've heard that problems can occur if they don't.  We are currently running ACT 2008 in a predominantly XP environment.



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Re: Two Databases -- Help

There is no particular problem with having databases on seperate drives but best practice is to reserve the C: drive as the systems drive and have all your data including the ACT! databases on a data drive e.g. E: This ensures that the system drive has reserved space for system files and is not competing for disk space. As a server comes under load it is helpful to have a pagefile on a different physical drive than the database drive to make best use of resources. ACT! is a SQL database which is quite transaction heavy so the overhead of writing/reading to disk drives can be an issue on heavily used servers.

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