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Turning Groups into a Dashboard

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Turning Groups into a Dashboard

I wonder if there is a way or an add-on that would allow me to take Group data and present it in a dashboard?


Very simply, I create a new  Group each year, so this years group name is  (2018), within this group I have further sub groups, for example (Countries), Language, Operating systems etc.


Currently through use of criteria filtering I can see a list of each sub group and if I click that list it will take me into act and display all members and you get a total.


What I wonder is, can I somehow create a Dashboard, that will show me the total numbers or display a graph. Give me a visual representation without the need to go into each group, list and get the numbers.


Another option would simply to give me a total of all contacts within that sub group.


Hope someone has some ideas.



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Re: Turning Groups into a Dashboard

Hi there,

I don't think there's any dashboard or data display in the base product that would show the information you're looking for any more conveniently than looking at the totals of the individual groups.

It is entirely possible that an addon will do this, I'd recommend checking out and taking a look to see if any offer the features you're looking for.