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Trying to sync Outlook calendar with ACT!

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Trying to sync Outlook calendar with ACT!

I swear that I can't get appointments in Outlook to sync into my ACT! Calendar if they don't have something/anything down in the Note area in Outlook.  I'll schedule an appt with a subject, try to sync and it doesn't show up.  I can add a location and it doesn't sync, I can add a category and it doesn't sync.  Then I type one single letter into the big Notes and it syncs fine.  Remember, I'm talking about Outlook Appointment fields - Subject, Location, Category and Notes (which is the big block towards the bottom)


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Re: Trying to sync Outlook calendar with ACT!

Not trying to hijack your thread, but we are having the same type of issue.


I'm not sure if it has anyhitng to do with the notes section, but syncing is very inconsistant. We are also getting all the tasks even thoguh they are uncecked.  Is this a bug, or a settings issue on our part?  


Also, in the 2009 version we had the option of syncing one way or both ways, don't see that option anymore. 

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Re: Trying to sync Outlook calendar with ACT!



As we have both been through this a number of times previously I realise why now I am not recommending the update at this time and sticking with 2011 and using Companionlink. It does seem everytime they play with the Outlook integration it gets broken and a little like ACT6 synchronisation.

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