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Try to 'Add Contact to Group' crashes ACT!

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Try to 'Add Contact to Group' crashes ACT!

I'm hoping someone else has experienced this and can offer a pointer as I am stuck and our UK support has been no help.


We run ACT Premium v10 with a server-hosted main database and around 10 laptop-based users on remote databases.  For a change it's me, on my remote database, that is having the problem.  I can navigate through my contacts list without a problem but (for the last 24 hours only) whenever I try and add a contact to a Group (eg using the Group drop-down menu) the window showing the groups list never appears and the application hangs completely.  I then have to use Task Manager to kill it off.


We work in a corporate environment and I'm always suspicious that background updates change the way things work but, in this case, I am the only user affected.  With the UK ACT 'support', we were able to confirm that it was application related, not database, and that other users had no problems.  Their only answer was then to re-install the application.  I did a very full de-install - ACT, SQL and .Net and re-installed from the Sage CD.  Unfortunately, the problem was exactly the same following re-installation.


What is going on???!