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Tracking Meeting Information

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Tracking Meeting Information

I was wondering if anyone had a work -around to capture more detailed meeting information? Such as tracking attendance of which contacts have attended and their representation at that time? (i.e. I don't just want to know who they are now, but who they were when they attended a meeting (as people do change titles and positions as time goes on).)


I know a possibility could be to create a document/ spreadsheet and just attaching it to a group or contact but then I wouldn't be able to run reports or queries on the sage ACT! on things like how many vendors were at this meeting etc.


I'm using Sage ACT! Premium 2012.



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Re: Tracking Meeting Information

I can't think of a simple way ... I can see a couple of ways:
One that would use some tricky coding for reports
Another with Custom Tables

Neither would be inexpensive ... so would have to be very important
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Re: Tracking Meeting Information

We have an add-on called Calendar View Plus v4 which allows you to add fields to the "Edit Activity" form. These new fields will allow you to capture additional information for each activity. The data is stored in the ACT Database and can be reported on using our Impact Report Designer.


The cost of Calendar View Plus is only $129. Download the FREE 30 day trial at:


You can contact us directly if you have any more questions. Hope this helps

-- Jim Durkin