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Tracking/Managing the Activity Series with our staff

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Tracking/Managing the Activity Series with our staff

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While our company is not new to ACT, we recently upgraded to ACT! Premium 2010. Within the program we are trying to track the "New Client Experience" from the point at which a new client signs onto the company. Various departments in our company are assigned tasks "to-do's" to make sure items are completed for the on-boarding process. When one item is done, it moves down stream to the next person's tasks in another department Using the Activity Series, we are able to assign these tasks to the people in the various departments however, when those specific tasks are not completed there is no way to tell the next person in line of the activity series that the prior item was not completed (or that it's delayed)  From a management viewpoint, we'd like to be able to stay on top of the staff to make sure the activity series follows the sequence and that items are completed according to the schedule. Is there a way to alert the manager of the activity series that an activity has been delayed and is there a way to customize or run reports to manage this type of activity. All I've read on the forums indicate there is no work around for this issue. I have also experimented with the anchor date for the series of activities assigned. Lastly, is there a way to assign multiple people to one task as a way to manage/oversee the task? Any advice or help on how to manage these operations within the ACT program?






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Re: Tracking/Managing the Activity Series with our staff

While there is not "built in" alert for a manager for a task not completed, it is easy enough to check.  We generally train users that rather than looking for a horn to go off when something isn't done, have the manager check a couple of times a day to see that what was scheduled to be done has been done. Activity series populate the task list, so with appropriately scheduled tasks, you can use the task list to sort and filter and get a good snapshot of who is doing what.


Consequently, the use of data fields may also help you keep track of these important milestones. The benefit of using a date field is that you can populate a group. then by looking at a properly organized series of dynamic groups everyone on the team can see what is to be done ane who has done what.  Because groups don't populate by tasks and histories, you would need to create fields for these milestones.


I'd be happy to do a short demonstration. Please check your community message box for a private note.

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