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Too many 'Not attached messages'!

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Too many 'Not attached messages'!

Is there any way that ACT can be told to ignore certain email addresses so that it doesn't try and attach messages sent to these addresses?


For example if you email a lot to a particular person and he/she isn't a contact or user in ACT you have to manually clear the attempts from the 'Not Attached Messages' log...


I find that most users forget to clear the log of unsuccessful attempts and finally the history log becomes full and stops working!

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Re: Too many 'Not attached messages'!

There is no function currently available for automatically ignoring specific e-mail addresses (or only attaching specific e-mail addresses).  When sending an e-mail you do not wish to attach, you can select the 'No History' recording option - but it will have to be done with each e-mail.  It is usually easier to just remove them from the 'Not Attached' file in bulk.


This would be a good candidate to submit to the Share Your Ideas board.  Once submitted, other members have the opportunity to leave comments and vote (kudos) on the suggestion.

Greg Martin