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Text Box Autofill

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Text Box Autofill

Good morning all.


I was wondering if there is a way to automatically fill a particular field box on my "Opportunities" section when a specific piece of data is selected.


For example. If I select a certain option in my "Process/Stage" I would like a field to automatically fill in the date when that option was selected. Presently, I am selecting the stage then adding the date manually, while this is not an issue, there is no doubt that filling in the date field will be missed.


Thanking you all in advanced for your help.



Ross Trimboli

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Re: Text Box Autofill

You can make a smart task with Record Type=Opportunity, and Trigger="Run when conditions are met", and define the required conditions to trigger it. And in the next step, select "Update Field".


You can assign a fixed value to some fields, but you are not able to assign the current date to the date fields.

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Re: Text Box Autofill

Hi Ross


Interesting idea, i dont see how smart tasks will achieve what you want to do, i think it is something you will need to code a plug in for. As the field changes the code will check what the field is then write the approiate response

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