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Terminal server or citrix

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Terminal server or citrix



Please excuse me but i need a real feed back.

Is there some of you that use Terminal server with 30 users?

If you did with a very powerfull server (like win server 2003 + 4 gigas Ram + 750 Gigas of DD), are the user will be confortable to use ACT 10 with a standard internet connexion?



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Re: Terminal server or citrix

Yes... but make sure you have a fast DD (10K RPM). Also, more RAM might be better
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Re: Terminal server or citrix

I have 21 users on Citrix using ACT.  I run it on a new Server 2003, 4G ram, 5 raid array hd, 2ghz w/10k rpm on a private MPLS with 3full T1's of bandwidth and QoS/Priority Queuing.  When it works it works great, but it has it's quirks. 


What are you defining as a standard internet connection?  If you are suggesting just a DSL or standard cable connection I wouldn't recommend it.