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Templates in ACT for Web 2012

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Templates in ACT for Web 2012

I have another issue with integration of Office 2007  with ACT for Web 2012 - templates.


The only templates available to my users are *.adt templates for Word. No email templates are available. If  a user selects "emailbody" from the available templates to use in the Write menu, they get a Word document, not an Outlook email message.


I've discovered there's a bug in the Word integration (and had this confirmed by Sage tech support who tried running on 4 different platforms).


We are unable to create new templates for Word (let alone email templates) unless we go through a convoluted workaround and save templates as Word 2003 documents.


The whole reason for purchasing ACT was its ability to be customized through templates (as well as recording of histories - another post).


At this point, I'd have to say ACT for web is a huge waste of time and doesn't come close to the functionality or user friendliness of previous editions of ACT (which I've used since 1996).  I'm now wondering if we'd have been better off with SalesForce - which I've also used - and which DOES work.


Sorry for the rant.


Ron Jamieson

Maco PKG