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Template Issue -Empty Documents

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Template Issue -Empty Documents

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We are using ACT Premium Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version, Hot Fix 6. We have 3 remote databases, to 1 main DB.


We've created templates on RD1 and synchronized to the main DB.  Another RD2 user changed the original templates and also copyied it, saved as a new name. We have an issue where the copied template file saved as a blank template- 0 KB-nothing in the document.


Is it okay to create new templates and/or change templates on remote databases?



Is there something we are doing incorrectly, and/or could there be a serious issue going on?


A few of the original templates created on RD 1 saved as empty documents- I haven't been able to recreate this issuea number of  synchronizations; In my tests so far, I can't figure out how the problem is occurring. 


Thank you,







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Re: Template Issue -Empty Documents

Hi Judy,


I don't think you guys are doing anything wrong.  Especially, if you've done father tests and seen that documents come across just fine.


We've seen over the years that some attachments get turned into 0KB documents through the sync process, for no apparent reason.  We always have someone check once a week to see if any of these 0KB docs have appeared, and then we grab them from a backup.


Sometimes we'll go months with no problems, and then get two in a week.  Wish I had a better answer for you.

Mark Hammer
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