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Tasks and check lists

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Tasks and check lists

New to ACT! 11 for Financial Professionals.


My question is pretty basic:


I have 17 tasks that need to be completed before a opportunity can be changed to a client.

I want a main task to house all 17 additional tasks.

I want the main task remain incomplete until all task are completed.


 I may have 5 or 10 opportunities that are 'in the works' and I want them to show up in a logical manner.  


I used used the process wizard (forgot the exact name, were the sales cycles information is) but just don't fit the bill.


Any ideas?  I have processes for everything in the office and I want to take these check lists and put them in ACT!...


Thanks in advanced.


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Re: Tasks and check lists

Unfortunately there isn't a feature to group activities or opportunities together.  If you would like to see this functionality to be added in a future version of ACT!, please post your idea on the Share Your Ideas forum.