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Task List in Calendar View

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Task List in Calendar View

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I was just wondering if there was a way to get a weekly or monthly view in the calendar's task list on the right hand side. When I go to my calendar, I just see the task list for today. Is there a way to expand that on the right hand side to show my weekly tasks?

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Re: Task List in Calendar View

Hi George


I don't believe so.  The pane on the right hand side displays the events for whichever day you have selected.  Same as if you had your calendar in weekly or monthly view, it would only display the tasks for the day that is currently highlighted.

I find it easiest to use the Task List and have it filtered for the current week.  This shows me what I have coming up this week.  (As would viewing your calendar in a weekly view, not just daily)

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Re: Task List in Calendar View

The only way I can remotely think of doing this with ACT would be to set the setting for each view in it's own window. then you could arrange the screen with both the contact list and the calendar.  In my opinion, probably too clunky to be useable, but you may give it a try. 


The setting for this is under tools, preferences, Startup, choose Open each view in it's own window.


This way you could filter task list for all dates and set the calendar to jsut today.

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