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Task List Sorting by Priority / Date

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Task List Sorting by Priority / Date

My boss would like to view the TaskList view sorted by Priority and then by Date within each Priority.

ie All the High Priority by date and so on throught the priorities.  (Right now if you click the header over Priority it will sort them but the dates are out of order)


I have showed the user how to filter by priorities, but they say that is a "partial solution", and is not good enough.


Any help would be appreciated

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Re: Task List Sorting by Priority / Date

In the ACT! Task List view, choose the Tools Menu and then Export to Excel (one click export). From Excel perform Sort on priority and date from the Data menu.   

Graeme Leo
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Re: Task List Sorting by Priority / Date

Hi Everyone,


I'm in a similar situation... I'm running ACT version 2010 Version 12.0.409.0, Hotfix 3.  I have a "date" field in which I have contract end dates.  I enter the information in the standard MM/DD/YEAR format.  When I sort by this field in my list view, it doesn't sort by year first.  It sorts by month, then day, then year. 


I have figured out that when you export the list to Excel, Excel recognizes that the data is a date and sorts by year/month/day (even though it displays as month/day/year).  Why isn't ACT capable of doing this?


I have tried to see if there is an option I am missing when I create a new field that is in the "date" format, but don't see an option on how to specify how to sort the date.


Anyone figure this out yet?  It's too hard to read the format that would make the field sort properly (2012/12/31).  Is it fixed in a newer version?


Thanks for your help!