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Tabs in Premium ACT2011.

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Tabs in Premium ACT2011.


I'm using ACT2011 Premium. The PC is a run with Windows 7, Installed Microsoft Office professional plus 2010. Data base installed on a server, in our network we have 4 users which connect to a server data base true network. 

I have a few question about ACT Premium:

1. How I can make in data base the tabs looks a biger size. I have changed a font from 8 pt. to 16 pt but the size of the heads of the tabs still small. I need it becouse I'm not very good with my eyes.

ACT tabs.jpg

2. It is any posibility in the ACT to make another tabs like a notes, as we need it for a tech person. I check the original nots tabs, but in a layout it is empty and I can not even have a look what the componets it is using. 

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Re: Tabs in Premium ACT2011.

To make the tabs look bigger, you will need to change your screen resolution.  There is no native setting in ACT! to adjust the tab size only, at least that I am aware of.


As far as a how to "make another tabs like a notes", this can be done using a plugin called Topline Designer


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