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System out of memory exception and other errors

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System out of memory exception and other errors

Hi everyone
Was wondering if anyone could help? I am experiencing lots of problems with Act
Act.Service.Outlook.exe file keeps crashing
Random error messages appearing (Intermittently)
System out of memory error appearing (Intermittently)
screen going all "bitty" (sorry only explaination i could think of)

Have tried hotfix and set preferences for virus software and it is getting worse!!!

Any ideas or solutions would be very much appreciated

Cheers Jayne
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Re: System out of memory exception and other errors

Thank you for sharing your problems with this community board. It would be helpfull if you share additional information like:


Please describe your hardwareconfig.

Which OS are you running?

Which version of Act are you running?

Does the problem occur regardless of what database you are using? (You could check if your problems are databaserelated by for example working with the demodatabase only)

Do you experience softwareproblems with other software on the same machine.


Sharing this kind of additional information do help to get a clearer picture of what your up against. 

Kind regards,

Rene van der Velde
The Netherlands
aka 'The Dutch Betatester'
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Re: System out of memory exception and other errors

Hi Smiley Very Happy

Thank you for your reply, hope I can answer all your questions

I am running on Windows XP Pro, Act 2010 Premier version 12.04.409.0 Hotfix 4

I am on a server ???? and I am the only person using act at the moment.

We also have Sage which has some problems but Act is the main problem, I have already cancelled the synchronisation from Outlook to Act and this has helped a little bit but am still getting "hanging" and screen going "bitty" and not responding but still showing in task manager as "running", nothing unusual is happening in task manager


hope this helps, if not please let me know and i can try and supply more info


many thanks for your help in advance


JayneSmiley Happy

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Re: System out of memory exception and other errors

This particular piece of ACT needs to be re-designed. Your problem is that your HistoryQueue is full of unlinkable e-mails. The act.outlook.exe service is trying to link them. It will try forever until they are linked. Memory usage climbs until the service runs out of memory and crashes.


To fix this, you should find a icon in your system tray that looks like a window with a red X on it. Right click on it and the list of unlinked messages will appear. You need to remove or manually link these messages.


Alternately, you could go to windows explorer, type in %appdata%, click on ACT until you get to a folder called HistoryQueue. all of your backed up messages are in this folder. If you don't care whether they link, delete them.


If you are a ACT for Windows user, then this service runs locally on your machine and you only need to keep your own HistoryQueue clean. If you are a ACT for Web user, then every one of your users needs to maintain their HistoryQueue. One bad user and the APFWOutlook service on the web server will crash, ruining the integration for everyone. ACT does not provide any utility for telling you who the offenders are so you'll have to go on a hunt.


If anyone in Scottsdale cares:


1. Provide a setting wjhere the service will try for X days and then auto-purge any unlinked mail.

2. Allow users to set a size limit so that extremely large mails don't clobber the system.

3. For the APFWOutlook server, provide a utility so that admins can see which machines are filling memory / hogging resources.

4. Allow admins to purge HistoryQueues remotely (that's a dream but I can ask)


Please, please. This product is close but frustrating too!




Maybe you can tell from my tone but this part of ACT needs attention from someone who knows what they are doing.

Geoffrey B. Boulden
Twelve/Three Marketing, Inc.
Buffalo, NY
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Re: System out of memory exception and other errors

Please see this article in the Knowledgebase regarding the use of error handlers to minimize issues with the history queue:


Troubleshooting Outlook® Integration History Queue Processing Using Error Handling

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.