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System out of Memory Exception

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Re: System out of Memory Exception

Thanks for the info. You seem to be having quite a variety of different issues. I can imagine it would be frustrating.


You mentioned you're the only user that is getting the error messages. Is your act database kept on server on your domain? Or is is a small workgroup type setup?

Also, what versions of the Microsoft .net frame work do you have installed?


Firstly, I guess I should cover the basics.

Have you tried uninstalling your version of act and reinstalling it since you've been getting the memory errors?

Exception errors can quite often be due to an issue with your .net framework. It's possible it has been damaged somehow. You could also look at uninstalling and reinstalling your .net framework as well, then reinstalling your act.


Even though you're the only one that seems to be getting the errors it might be helpful if you run some maintenance and repairs on your database. This should be done from the act server and I suggest creating a backup prior do doing the repairs.

Refer to the article Repair and Rebuild on the steps to follow.


The Transport-level error you're receiving could point to a network speed issue, as act is timing out while trying to talk to the act instance of sql server and not getting a timely response. You may want to have a look at the SQL error log using the actdiag tool to see if there's any additional information. That can be found in the Server menu of the actdiag tool.


I think that's probably enough to begin with, if none of that helps, we can go on from there.




Cherie Buttsworth
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