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Syncing problem - uppercase to lowercase changes

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Syncing problem - uppercase to lowercase changes

Some data was imported into a database and all the information was in upper case.  When I change the data from upper to lowercase on the remote database and do a sync the changes are not carried through.  However if I add an extra letter to the field then the changes are carried through.  

Ex: Company Name is CINGULAR, changed to Cingular, sync to publisher database, remote database reflects changes but publisher database is still all upper case.
 Change Company Name to Cingular1 and then sync, the publisher database will then be changed to lowercase. We are running ACT! by Sage Premium 2008 (10.0) (ST Edition) Version, Hotfix 1. Is there a setting that we need to activate or change so when we make a change to a remote database it will correctly change the master or publisher database?
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Re: Syncing problem - uppercase to lowercase changes

No, there is not currently a setting to change, etc. to force case changes.  Right, wrong or otherwise, this was a part of the original design to reduce transaction storage and sync payload just for case changes, not actual data value changes.


If there were such a setting that an Administrator could change, like "Sync character case changes", where would you expect to do that?  Tools>Preferences?


Bill Blakey
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Re: Syncing problem - uppercase to lowercase changes

This is working as designed


However there is the option to change the entire field so you have initial-caps inside of Tools > Define fields. It would change every record but its a possible workaround if you have a lot of companies, names, etc in all caps.

Scott Lahn
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Re: Syncing problem - uppercase to lowercase changes

If one was to make this change would it then force out all of the records and would it be safe to change it back to Character at the completion of a couple of synch cysles

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