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Syncing Sending and receiving files step

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Syncing Sending and receiving files step

Act 2010 SP1 w hotfix1.  I have a master db with 12 remote db's.  All the remotes were crested with attachment and supplemental files sync disabled.  Why do they constantly get hung up on the step of Sending and receiving files if their are none to send and receive (since I disabled the option).  I get absurd numbers like 0 of 267935 files to sync.   There are not even 267k files on the server period.   I have done all the obvious repair features.  i even have recreted the remote dbs.   What is ACT doing at this stage?



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Re: Syncing Sending and receiving files step

Hello Reed,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. In regards to the sync issue, are the remote users getting an error when they sync or does the sync just stall out?  In either case it seems there may be a memory error. If you are seeing a large number of files to sync, these records could be field changes, record edits, new links, or any kind of change or update to the database. It may be that the sync is just getting bogged down. To try and get past this, there are a couple of things you can try:


- Decrease file buffer size. For more info and instructions see KB Article 23526.


- Increase timeout setting for sync. For info and instructions see KB Article 23416. When setting the values, set both of the first two to 300. If this does not work, then increase to 900.


After following these processes, be sure to stop then restart the sync service for the changes to take effect. Also, if after these steps you able to successfully sync, be sure to reset the file buffer size and timeout settings back to their defaults.

Greig Hollister

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