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Syncing Problems with SQL 2008 Upgrade tbdase full

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Syncing Problems with SQL 2008 Upgrade tbdase full

My remote user is having a problem syncing since upgrading to Act 2011/SQL 2008. The problem is that the temp db in SQL doesn’t seem to be dumping, and it grows exponentially to the point that my server runs out of memory to transfer it. The temp db is growing larger than our actual data base is.

Here is the error that I receive:


======== SYNC SESSION - 7/5/2011 1:07:20 PM ========


[ Info | 7/5/2011 1:07:21 PM ]Message: Synchronization started.

[ Info | 7/5/2011 1:07:21 PM ]Message: Server object created.

[ Info | 7/5/2011 1:07:21 PM ]Message: Checking if schema changes are available for sync.

[ Info | 7/5/2011 1:07:29 PM ]Message: Server establishing synchronization with remote database:

[ Info | 7/5/2011 1:07:29 PM ]Message: Server generated remote sync session identifier: c62cf85d-82be-494d-8757-0f008ff1f049:

[ Info | 7/5/2011 1:07:34 PM ]Message: Checking if data changes are available for sync.

[ Info | 7/5/2011 1:07:58 PM ]Message: Server initialized database send session: 1438

[ Error | 7/5/2011 1:31:48 PM ]Message: Server initialization failed. Could not allocate space for object 'dbo.SORT temporary run storage:  140737992851456' in database 'tempdb' because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full. Create disk space by deleting unneeded files, dropping objects in the filegroup, adding additional files to the filegroup, or setting autogrowth on for existing files in the filegroup.

The transaction log for database 'tempdb' is full. To find out why space in the log cannot be reused, see the log_reuse_wait_desc column in sys.databases


It is during the “server initialized database” where the problem occurs. The temp db folder is located in  :\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data,. And what happens is during that time the size of the folder starts off around 15000 KB  and it starts growing exponentially  up to 5-6GB, and it will then error out because that is more space than we have on our server.


I've tried restarting SQL and that has helped twice, but no longer seems to do the trick. I tried repairing and reindexing through the act diagnostic utilities. I’ve even tried making my data base smaller by removing contacts that we don't use and moving some of the attachments out of the database.  However, it shouldn’t have anything to do with our data base size, because this was never a issue with our old Act 2009.


Please let me know if anyone can help. I'm starting to wish for our old version of Act back. Smiley Sad



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Re: Syncing Problems with SQL 2008 Upgrade tbdase full



I would suggest two things


a) Cut a new remote and see if the problem occurs


b) Reinstall as this would suggest to me there is a problem with the SQL installation, after manual removal

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Re: Syncing Problems with SQL 2008 Upgrade tbdase full

Did you ever solve this problem?

Graeme Leo
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