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Synchronization replacing new data with old data?

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Synchronization replacing new data with old data?

Hi folks.


Running ACT 2011 Premium Version, Hotfix 1


I have reports from users that newly entered information (e.g. phone number, address) is being replaced by old information when they synchronize their remote database with the main database.


So, the first question - how does ACT decide which information is new, and which information is old and should be discarded?  If user A enters a changed phone number, then user B enters a changed phone number (both into their own remote database, then user B syncs, then user A syncs, which change is kept?  [I'd hope that it would be the later change (user B), but is it really the last change to sync?]


Okay, now for the even more tricky question.  What if you are currently changing information in a record while a synchronization is taking place - particularly one that involves that same record?  We have automatic synchronization turned on, so it could happen that you are currently editing a record at the same time the database is being updated via a synchronization running in the background.  ACT's help states that any changes you make during synchronization won't take effect until the next synch - but does that mean that changes from your current synch would overwrite the changes you are currently making?





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Re: Synchronization replacing new data with old data?

Field entries are time and date stamped and the most current rules.Be sure to check the Windows time and date settings. Also the latest time includes the offset from Zulu. For example a 9:00 AM change in New York is earliser than an 8:00 AM change made in Los Angles.

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