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Synchronization error - Access is denied.

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Synchronization error - Access is denied.

I have two Windows 7 Pro laptops.  Both machines are configured the same except for the user names.  I have Act Premium 2011 installed on both machines.  They have a database which we host on our server for synchronization.  Laptop 1 has no issues synchronizing with the parent database.  Laptop 2 reports an error each time it attmepts to synchronize.


Access is denied.  Please check with your administrator blah blah blah.


I spent an hour on the phone Friday with tech support trying to resolve this and his solution is to run Act as the default administrator.  As default admin, the synchronization works fine.  As soon as we log in to the user account, it fails.


Couple things to note:


1) UAC is disabled

2) We have run the software as administrator

3) All three machines are running the same software version


I do not agree with leaving the default administrator account enabled.  I don't see this as a viable solution and I am hoping that someone out there can tell m what the difference is between the user created admin account and the default admin account.  Why would it work in one and not the other if they are both labeled as administrators?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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Re: Synchronization error - Access is denied.

Great question, something similar happened to me - Quick question, you made a separate database for each user? or tried to unpack the same remote database for both users?

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Re: Synchronization error - Access is denied.

Each user need their own remote. You can only unpack a remote one time.


On the first question, this (I believe ) is point to a windows sharing issue.  Make sure the folder is shared out to both users with full permissions.

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