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Synchronization Problem

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Country: India

Synchronization Problem


I have three licenced versions of Act premium version 10.2. one in Mumbai (Master ) and 1 in Banglore(remote) database. We were synchronising over the internet no firewall  every day. Suddenly It has stopped and say unable to connet to the sync server whereas the inter net is woking Fine.

Could you help me find where the problem could be. I checked and the versions and all other things at both ends is same and no other changes were done.





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Country: United States

Re: Synchronization Problem



I am having hte same issue. I have 20 users connected to a remotely hosted database on a Windows 2008 64-bit server. No changes have been made to the clients or the server, but within hte last couple of days sync has failed with the same message you received.


I shut dfown the AV to see if that got in the way, along with a host of other things. Nothing works. If you find anything out, please let me know.



Tom McPeek
ACT Certified Consultant
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